RiverImpact Barriers

RiverImpact Barriers stop plastic during
“flash floods”
when 80% of plastics enters our oceans.


Made of mostly recycled materials - catching plastic with plastic. A high-impact, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.Withstands extreme river discharge events.

During the heavy rain season, flash floods occur and dump tons of garbage into the ocean. Our RiverImpact Barriers are signed to withstand these flash floods and capture plastic waste during these extreme weather conditionsThese flash floods occur on average 20-25 times per season. 

 It is during these flash floods when 80% of the all plastic is flushed through the rivers into the ocean. 

We offer an affordable solution to countries where the need is great and budgets are limited. In developed countries, waste collection is minimal and often ends up in rivers, but governments lack the resources to clean them. That’s why RiverImpact developed a cost-effective and high-impact technology to clean rivers sustainably. 

Our barriers are made from locally sourced materials, making them both cost-effective and easy to maintain. Simple materials ensure that maintenance is low, and replacement is effortless. 

Besides the impact on nature, we also make on impact for the communities. By extracting waste and plastic and setting up local separation centers, we create new employment opportunities for local communities, including women and minorities. Our work does not require any formal education and is an ideal job for individuals in need of work. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and on the communities we serve. 


OUR MILESTONES in Honduras and Guatemala


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