Our first major project in Guatemala is cleaning the bay of Puerto San Thomas, Izabal.

We have a limited amount of rivers which will be the first cleaned with RiverImpact Barriers in Guatemala.

In cooperation with Fundaeco, the largest NGO in Guatemala and heavily involved in the protection of the eco-systems in Izabal, RiverImpact will implement fourteen RiverImpact Barriers in seven small rivers that pollute the bay of Puerto San Thomas.

The barriers will stop any debris floating in the bay. Fundaeco, together with the involvement of the local communities, will clean and maintain the barriers. The local communities will separate the debris and plastics and will sell the separate plastics for recycling, to have additional income for social projects in their communities. All coordinated by Fundaeco.

The Challenge

  • The Bay of Santo Thomas de Castillo is polluted by 7 small rivers.

  • Each river will carry two RiverImpact Barriers to stop all waste and plastic coming into the Santo Thomas bay.

  • Each Barrier is operated four families. They maintain the barriers, take out garbage and separate recyclable plastics.

Rivers that most pollute the bay of Santo Tomás

  • River Los Escobanos

  • River Quebrada Seca

  • River Escondido

  • River Cacao

  • River San Agustin

  • River La Romane

  • River Esperanza del Mar

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Los Escobanos
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San Agustin
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La Ramane
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Esperanza del Mar
In Cooperation with


Bay of San Thomas,

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

In Guatemala we work with Fundaeco the largest NGO in Guatemala. They manage several natural reserves in the area of Puerto Barrios.

We are jointly developing a master plan to clean the Bay of San Thomas. Initially, Fundaeco has purchased 2 barriers for 2 rivers.

After installation the local communities (in conjunction with Fundaeco) will be responsible for the operation of the barriers.

Invema will buy the recyclables.  Revenue will benefit the local community and cover the costs of operations.

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