How RiverImpact builds value within the recycling supply chain.

Cost effective, innovative waste collection. Added value to raw materials. Added value to end products and brands.

Our distinctive fence technology presents a cost-effective method for managing solid waste, enabling us to efficiently gather plastics bound for the ocean. This is where the process of adding value begins.

a) A new, straightforward method of collecting recyclable plastics through the current supply chain.

b) The foundation for creating a category of RiverImpact Premium Plastics.


Bigger Picture


(Increase) Supply of recycled raw materials

At RiverImpact, we understand the increasing demand for recycled plastics and other materials. Our innovative waste collection method provides a cost-effective and dependable source of recyclables for the supply chain. We are committed to meeting the growing demand for recycled materials, and aim to be a top supplier in the industry. Our goal is to play a crucial role in the value chain of riverine recycled materials.

Category creation

At RiverImpact, we recognize the importance of minimizing the harm done to the environment and reducing waste. The collection of oceanbound plastics is currently a thriving industry, generating revenue and growth through partnerships with environmental organizations and NGOs, as well as the certification and sale of ocean plastics to end-users.

This high demand for oceanbound plastics results in a premium price in the market, allowing end-users such as manufacturers and brands to benefit from the added value to their products. For example, the collaboration between adidas and Parley for the Oceans has led to price increases of 15% to 50% for product lines made from oceanbound plastic.

As a unique and leading provider in the collection of ocean-bound plastics, RiverImpact is poised to revolutionize the market. By being the first to bring large quantities of recycled ocean-bound plastics to market, we are able to offer these materials at a premium price. This results in an estimated 15-25% increase in the value of our raw materials, based on market demand and supply. By being a trailblazer in this industry, RiverImpact is well-positioned to continue driving growth and revenue.

Margin creation

At RiverImpact, we acknowledge the significance of reducing waste and environmental damage. The ocean bound plastic industry is currently gaining momentum, with many environmental funds, NGOs, and end-users profiting from its collection and certification. This has allowed ocean bound plastic to hold a higher value in the market.

As a leader in this emerging category, we believe that owning the market for ocean bound plastic will position us to command increased prices for our raw materials, and in turn, bring added value to our brand and the brands of our certified partners, such as adidas, Nike, and Coca Cola.

Our distinct approach and ownership of the ocean bound plastic category sets us apart and provides us with a competitive advantage. We believe that the value riverine ocean bound plastic can surpass that of traditional ocean plastic due to two key reasons:


At RiverImpact, we are committed to delivering impactful solutions to the challenge of plastic waste in our rivers. Our unique approach of collecting plastic from the river system prior to its dispersion in the ocean sets us apart as a more efficient and effective solution compared to other ocean plastics projects. Already creating an impact before the plastic gets to the ocean.

Our ability to supply and distribute larger volumes of plastic allows us to offer meaningful volumes of raw materials to customers, increasing the opportunity for ocean bound plastic to be utilized in a wider range of products. Brands are looking for the most impactful projects to partner with, and RiverImpact is poised to meet and exceed their expectations.

At RiverImpact, we believe in the power of education and outreach to drive change. That’s why we plan to invest in raising awareness of ocean bound plastics and the positive impact they can have on our environment. By increasing demand for this new and innovative category of recycled materials, we aim to drive growth, create value, and make a real difference in our world. Through targeted campaigns, industry partnerships, and other initiatives, we hope to create a future where ocean bound plastics are the norm, not the exception.

Certification and value - added services

At RiverImpact, our vision extends beyond simply supplying recycled materials. Our aim is to increase the value of ocean bound plastics through certification services offered to end-users. By verifying the use of ocean bound raw materials in the production of new products, we elevate the value of these brands and goods.

Moreover, we see the potential to assemble a specialized team of experts to assist global brands and companies in comprehending and enhancing their plastics supply chain, ultimately aiding them in achieving their sustainability goals.

RiverImpact products

Our goal at RiverImpact is not limited to just supplying raw materials to end users. We see the potential to collaborate with brands and manufacturers to introduce a range of RiverImpact certified ocean bound products. These products will be premium-priced, high quality items that are made from 100% ocean bound plastics. By demonstrating their impact on the environment, these products will have a higher price point, making a positive impact not just on the environment, but also on the bottom line.

Why is RiverImpact different?

At RiverImpact, our focus is not only to bring positive change to the environment, but also to generate substantial profits through the collection, supply, and utilization of ocean-bound plastics. Our aim is to disrupt the current paradigm, where most operators in the ocean plastics space prioritize impact over commercial value.

We are a 100% commercial enterprise and our goal is to make a significant impact on the environment while also delivering outsized financial returns through every stage of the supply chain. We will not simply allow brands and businesses to use our services as a means of “greenwashing” their practices.

Instead, we will provide certification for RiverImpact plastics, ensuring that our products not only deliver value, but also make a meaningful impact on the environment. We believe that the market is ready for change and that our ownership of this new category of recycled materials will bring about profits and ROI for all involved. At the same time, we will be leading the way in making a positive impact on the environment.