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Our River Impact barriers

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In October 2022 we started our pilot project in the bay of Santo Tomas de Castilla in Izabal, Guatemala.
A port city at the Caribbean Sea with 15 rivers we want to clean.
The project was inaugurated by the mayor of Puerto Barrios, Hugo Sarceño, by signing a five-year
contract with the municipality and Fundaeco ( our partner and administrator of
the project.
At this moment we have two impact barriers installed in river Escobas and river Escondido and we have
four experienced waste pickers and sorters working for us in our own sorting center.
Our team extracts all waste and plastic from the barrier daily and then sorts and classifies the plastics.
Then the plastics are baled until we have enough to sell a truck load to our recycler. The revenues from
recyclable plastic sales cover the operational expenses of our project.
All non-recyclables are picked up by the municipality daily without any cost for the project. They are
brought the local landfill for final disposal.

We are looking for people, companies and/or organizations who want to help us clean the whole bay!
For U$ 25.000 you can adopt a river. For this investment we put a new impact barrier in one of the 15
rivers. We install the barrier, maintain the barrier, and make sure our team extracts all waste and
plastic. We have a contract for five years. So, for U$ 5.000 you can have a clean river in Guatemala!

With more barriers we can stop more plastic and make sure we improve the river and ocean! Let’s
create a sustainable future together with clean rivers, a clean ocean and circular economy with no more
single use plastic.
On behalf of Carlos, Hector, Jorge and Juan, we thank you for adopting one of our babies!

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