RiverImpact Signs Agreement with Municipality to Clean Rivers

Great progress has also been made in the fight against river pollution. Since an agreement has been signed with the municipality to install the 15 fences in the rivers of the department of Izabal to stop the garbage before it reaches the sea. In addition, the municipality will be responsible for moving non-recyclable waste to the Los Pinteros landfill.

This agreement is an important step towards the protection of rivers and the environment. The fences will help reduce the amount of garbage in the rivers, while the responsibility assumed by the municipality will ensure that the waste is properly managed.

RiverImpact has been an advocate for river cleanup since its inception and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of protecting rivers. They have organized cleanup campaigns, worked with community groups, and collaborated with other organizations to achieve their goals.

The agreement with the municipality is a reflection of RiverImpact’s dedication to the protection of rivers. With the installation of the fences and the responsibility assumed by the municipality, it is expected that the amount of garbage in the rivers will decrease significantly. Furthermore, this agreement is a call to action for other departments and municipalities throughout the country to take similar steps to protect rivers and the environment. Collaboration between organizations, government agencies and community groups is key to achieving significant and lasting impact.

In conclusion, the agreement signed by RiverImpact and the municipality is a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for the rivers of Izabal. River cleanup is an urgent need and we must work together to protect this vital resource.

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